What is Changing Minds?

  • Changing Minds is a 13 month strategic partnership involving the Aurelia Trust, Skibbereen Community School, St. Gerald’s College (Castlebar), the Ludgate Hub, A.T.I.C. Galati, D.G.A.S.P.C. Constanta & Liceul Teoretic, Negru Voda


  • Aims to use technology to change negative perceptions of disability evident in developing countries & to change attitudes and prejudices often encountered in Ireland in relation to people from developing countries.


  • Involves two learning activities – one in Romania and one in Ireland – whereby young Irish and Romanian people will be given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of working with people with disabilities within Romania as well as taking part in interactive workshops, conferences and being upskilled in digital media technology.


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Project Funding

Changing Minds is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union through LĂ©argas.