Poppy’s Blog – First Impressions!

I was nervous on the way to the first group home because I wasn’t sure what to expect .
As soon as I walked off the bus and entered the gate I was greeted with a hug from a client. I thought the atmosphere was just extremely positive and happy.

Before we went into the home we were greeted with bread and salt which is a traditional welcome greeting in Romania. When I walked into the house there was a lot of food prepared for us. I felt at home at this point because they were so insistent that we had something to eat and drink which is a lot like the Irish hospitality.

After we ate the clients came in and performed a song and dance for us. I felt so emotional while they were dancing and singing because the smallest thing makes them so happy and back at home people complain about the smallest things (myself included) when they really have no idea what it’s like to have nothing.

After they had finished their dance we were spilt into separate groups and we did art with the clients. When I walked over to the table I was straight away given a piece of artwork. The clients were so happy and smiley and they would always try to give you something.

This experience was so amazing and it made me appreciate everything I have at home.