Oisin’s Blog – Day 2

This morning we had to get into the swing of things straight away because we had lots to do. We started by meeting with the clients from the Techirghiol group home, who were just a few doors down from the hotel. We brought the group of about twenty beneficiaries to two museums.

The first museum was all about the history of the Romanian Navy. Even though I found the museum very interesting with lots of cool and classy weapons, what was even more interesting though was looking at how happy the clients were. Even though they didn’t fully understand what was going on in the museum, they were absolutely enthralled by just being out and about.

The second museum was, in my opinion, much less interesting. It was an art museum that had different items that Romanian people used to use in their everyday lives in the past. We were split into two groups and my group didn’t have clients in it so I wasn’t able to see how they reacted to this museum.

After this, we left the clients back at their house so we could get lunch and they could have a nap, but we weren’t separated for that long. We went to their home after our meal to play with them for about an hour. I never understood just how useful a balloon was until this week. Just hitting a balloon around a room for a while is surprisingly entertaining. I spent most of my time playing with one client. He couldn’t speak or express himself much but he was clearly very happy and excited by playing with the balloon and the toys we brought to them. Looking at how happy the clients were was something special. Meaning so much to people you’ve never met is so odd, so rare, that it’s difficult to put words to it.

We ended the day with a few activities at the pier. We had to spell out Aurelia on the makeshift bridge with our bodies, and the footage was shot with a drone. We then did meditation, which Susan led. I’d be very cynical in general about things such as meditation, spirituality and mindfulness, but I really felt calmed and relaxed by the session. I’d definitely like to do it again sometime.

All in all today was really enjoyable and if the rest of the trip is as good as this I’d be happy out.