Oisin’s Blog – Day 3

Today we got to meet another group home. This one was in Lazu, just outside of Constanta. I probably enjoyed today the most because we were able to interact with these clients a bit more. We started the day by going to their home, which was about a ten minute drive from our hotel in Techirghiol. We met the clients and were playing with them for about an hour and a half.

There was one client with severe Cerebral Palsy so he couldn’t speak. However, he was able to communicate very well with his body language. He wrote everyone’s names into his notepad and he was able to point out everyone in the room who’s name he’d written. I found his mannerisms very interesting.

Before we left, we were given Romanian doughnuts. I wouldn’t be a very open-minded eater but the doughnut was delicious. It’s probably a lot healthier than our own doughnuts as well!

We left to get lunch after this in the same restaurant as yesterday. This gave us lots of energy to bring the clients from Lazu to the zoo in the afternoon. We started with a dolphin show indoors before taking a tour of the outside areas of the zoo. The dolphin show was very fun for our group to watch but the clients enjoyed it a thousand times more. Even if they couldn’t express it, they looked so excited by watching the dolphins perform. The outside area of the zoo wasn’t as enjoyable because the clients were a little bit tired. As much as they liked the day, I don’t think they were too sad to come home again when the time came.

After some free time, we went for dinner in Constanta in a restaurant called New Pizzico. While I wasn’t particularly gone on the food, it was a good experience for getting to know the others a lot better. It was a long day but an enjoyable one. Let’s hope the good weather keeps up!