Oisin’s Blog – Day 4

We went to the Pilot Centre this morning to meet their clients. Their clients were more severely disabled so this was the biggest challenge of the week so far. We didn’t get that long with the clients but I still enjoyed my time there. I always like a challenge. I spent about forty minutes with the clients in the house so I still got a good impression of what the place and the people were like.

After that, we brought a small number of the clients to the aquarium in Constanta. The clients had a lot of fun in the aquarium, looking at all the different fish. The aquarium was on the Constanta promenade so we had time to look out at the view of the Black Sea. The endless sea of blue was a sight to behold, without a doubt.

We stayed in Constanta after the clients left because we are staying the night in a hotel here. We went for lunch in a Greek restaurant. At first glance, I was dreading it because I’m not an adventurous eater but the food I had there was some of the nicest I’ve ever had. After some free time, we spent time in our groups preparing for the conference in Galati on Tuesday.

An easy day was well needed and it was one that I enjoyed a lot. I can’t believe most of the week is already gone!