Ronan’s Blog

It’s been over a week since we returned from Romania. We had such a jam packed week and it could not have been spent with a better group of people. I really enjoyed spending time in the group homes and interacting with the clients. They are full of energy and its amazing what makes them happy. Every now and then I get reminded of the clients and their wonderful personalities. The Romanian students and teachers were great hosts and it will be hard for us to live up to their standards when they come to Ireland. While I learned a lot about the country of Romania and its people I also learned a lot about myself. In a world where we can get caught up in things that seem important to us at the time, in the grand scheme of things they are only small. In general, since I have returned I feel more content in my life.

I think I will definitely return to Romania in the near future and I can empathise with Marie and what drove her to keep going back.
At the moment we are working on a presentation to give to some of the students in our school on our experience.