Rosie’s Reflection

Looking back on my time in Romania brings floods of emotions through my mind. I can still remember the smiles of so many clients as their faces still greet me every time I think of my time there. Their generosity although they had so little is something that I will never forget.

I cannot express how proud I am of the students that traveled from SCS. The girls were amazing and were 100% committed to the purpose of the trip. They weren’t taken back by anything that was out of their comfort zone and really embraced the experience.

Although I was on the trip as an accompanying teacher for my 5 fantastic students, I really feel that I grew as a person from the experience. It was humbling and eye opening. It made me really appreciate the little things in life. I found it amazing that something as simple as a touch or a smile could bring comfort to these adult orphans.

The trip has made me appreciate the beauty of Romania and the beauty of the people there.