An Opportunity I Nearly Missed

Reflecting back on the ERASMUS+ experience as a whole I would say it definitely had a positive impact on me as a person. Thinking back to this time last year when we were picked to go I was excited about the opportuntity. Its what I’m about I love to take opportunities. Before I went to Romania I was terribly ambitious in life but only with regard to one thing, Sport. It was coming to the important part of our school season and and myself and Ultan were worried we might miss a Connacht final. Unfortunatley and Fortunately:) we got knocked out the week before we were due to head to East Europe and we were free to go. That’s how close we were to not getting on that plane, but sometimes the most lifechanging experiences are the ones you nearly miss.

The Romania trip made me open up to living life and what its about. The country as a whole and also working with the beneficeries gave me a realisation that I had been caught up in silly things in life. I hadn’t given time to important things in life. Spending time with the beneficiaries taught me that things you may not think will make you happy do. As Browner said “the simplest of things make them happy”.
Their love of spending time with us, told me that People are at the heart of all great things. The people involved in the changing mins project made it and without everyone it would have been nothing. We learned so much from the Romanian students including their wonderful phrases and sayings. Thinking back to the days when we first met its funny. We were on the bus for two hours before we ever said a word to the girls. In Negru voda I don’t think any of us really interacted until we did an interview with George. By the end we were and are a unique family. Also as Susan eluded to ” there was no pains in the ass”. Everyone got on well.

This project was a case of venturing into the unknown and it certainly opened my eyes to the problems we still face today as people. It has spurred my ambition to go and help. Thanks to everyone who made it possible yee* are a gr8 bunch