Lili’s Reflection – English

Experimenting the first Erasmus + project is for me a new stage in my personal career development, but also a life lesson that I think all project beneficiaries have felt in a positive way.

Throughout the course of the project, both in Romania and Ireland, I believe that the main goal was to be aware of the importance of volunteering by young teenagers in all its forms.

The involvement of young people in this project, the extraordinary way in which they were related for a common purpose, above prejudices, to change preconceptions and attitudes, was the biggest win of the project.

The visits made by teenagers in the institutions for people with special needs had created a cascade reactions on their part. It was emotion, it was joy, there were tears, it was smile, it was change, it was awareness. For each one of us.
Both group leaders and students have had something to learn from this experience.
I think the most important lesson for all of us was that together we can do so many beautiful and beneficial things if we have the right attitude.

Volunteering in this sector, for people with disabilities, is still at the beginning in Romania, but it has positive echoes.

The coordination of the project with great professionalism and responsibility by Niall, but also the way everyone involved in the project, the overcoming of the personal barriers, the exit from the comfort zone, the dissemination of the information, led to the success of the project.

Now, at the end of the project, I want everything that we have learned together to be an example of good practice for our future work and to be able to convey our message further.

Changing minds … even managed to change people … attitudes … ideas … And we did this … together!